Counselors at the 2015 UP Through Education Summit


No path to success was ever walked alone. ALL WAYS UP is proud to partner with deserving and determined youth in a variety of meaningful ways. Our special programs provide unique mentoring experiences that build momentum — empowering youth with life-changing self-confidence and invaluable social, educational and leadership skills.




One of ALL WAYS UP's core support programs is the UP Through Education Summit, a dynamic five-day, five-night retreat designed to assist 60 low-income, first-generation rising college freshmen make a successful transition into and through college. Many underserved students are faced with educational gaps that can be a barrier to their collegiate success. Instead of focusing solely on academic achievement, the UP Through Education Summit empowers students to take control of their own success by instilling self-confidence through the retreat's theme, "My Life, My Choice, My Future."


The Summit opens at a Ropes and Challenge course, where students are encouraged to "challenge by choice." Each student must choose to work as a team and overcome complicated obstacle courses, such as scaling a 30-foot light pole and jumping to a trapeze bar while being fully secured in a harness. Through this exercise students learn that if they challenge themselves, all things are possible.


The activities then transition to focus on teaching the students, through fun and engaging workshops, the importance of their personal brand; successful time management and study habit techniques; and effective networking skills, as well as dispelling the stigma of asking for help and acquiring tools to overcome possible fears of self-doubt. One of the most important tools acquired at the Summit is a sense of self-assurance — that no matter what the students may encounter during the first year of college, they believe that they belong there and have all the necessary resources and knowledge to readjust, seek assistance and be successful.


All 60 students in attendance also receive a collegiate scholarship (up to $2,500 annually) and education support through the ALL WAYS UP Scholarship Program, which includes assistance with their classes, grades, major selections, financial aid and more. Each student is eligible for an annual scholarship for up to four years while they are enrolled in college. Click here to view a video from the 2018 UP Through Education Summit.


8th Annual UP Through Education Summit

WHEN: June 23-28, 2019

WHERE: Loyola Marymount University Campus




To date, ALL WAYS UP has sent more than 1,000 kids to summer camp.


The All Ways Up Summer Camp program was created to provide youth ages 6-17 with scholarships to attend summer camp. This program ensures that parents have a safe place to send their children during the summer months. ALL WAYS UP has committed to send 400 youth to camp each summer.


Every year, ALL WAYS UP works with PK Management, LLC, one of its national sponsors, to select a handful of Section 8 Housing buildings for the Summer Camp program. This year, PK Management has built partnerships to sponsor 14 summer camps throughout the nation. All tenants at the selected sites with children ages 6-17 are eligible to apply. In exchange, parents of Summer Camp participants are asked to commit to 10-20 hours of community service.  


Recently, ALL WAYS UP Scholar and now, college graduate, Na'eem Wilkins started a summer camp at his childhood home in Norfolk, Virginia. Na'eem was highlighted on his local tv station for "Making his Mark":



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